Big Lottery Fund Annual Report 2015

I worked on this during my time as Design Lead at GOOD Agency. We were commissioned to create a distinct look and feel for Big Lottery's Annual Report. It's a recent piece I am especially proud of because the fee and timings on this project were extremely small. At pitch stage I prepared two outcomes and we won from the strength of the presentation and one route won hands down. I'd never been in a meeting where a client was basically buying whole heartedly into one option with minimal adjustments. I set the look and feel across the whole report which was then completed in-house. The concept was reflective of their new strategy 'Putting people in the lead'. I wanted to create a concept that focused on people and the communities that benefit from the fund. I also encouraged Big Lottery to a new photographic style that inspired active, involved individuals. I wrote the photography briefs which were then commissioned to Lucy Pope This work is proof that a small budget can go a long way and make a significant difference.