GDPR and it's failure to connect

So hows your inbox doing? Well on the approach of GDPR day (The General Data Protection Regulation) I've suddenly realised just how many emails I don't need daily. But what I have been doing in this epic build up to this complex regulation that has caused an absolute headache to every business (I think purely because not many of us totally understand it, it's just something we have to do) is the epic disconnection that the big brands are making in how it verbally communicates to it's audiences.

H&M weren't too bad with 'We care about your privacy' and lines like 'Your privacy is important to us', however Waitrose, clearly not happy on the day they had to prep theirs with the words in CAPITALS - clearly spelling out: 'STAY IN THE KNOW, Data protection law is changing on 25 May. After that, we won't be able to contact you unless you tell us we can. Let us know now by clicking below'.

Touchnote (Photo cards you create online) who I signed up to and have never used their services impressed me greatly with their chirpy e-intro 'Thoughtfulness is at the heart of everything we do, so protecting your data is of tip-top importance to us. That's why we've made a few tweaks to our policies. It won't change how you use TouchNote, but if you'd like to know more take a look below'. Muthahood, the brain chid of Gemma, created this brand with one main aim of empowering women through positive, strong and meaningful 'mama merch. Their GDPR email starts with: 'In the words of E17, stay now!..' such fun...

I have selected just a few of the ones that caught my attention over the past week for good and bad reasons. From my findings, my inbox so clearly demonstrates the small business's are the ones that have taken this opportunity to do what every brand should take the time to do in a situation as valuable as this - clearly communicate to it's audience in it's brand skin - in the voice they own. Standard responses will not do. I will not be needing you, thank you!

So well done small business's for your time, your pride and your passions - you have totally reflected your purpose and your reason for being and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Helen HoldenComment