Take it from a former 'Moment smoker'... this is a good thing, i'm sure.

As of tomorrow, there will be something different about the shelves of our local shops and supermarkets. Back in March 2015, MPs ruled that all tobacco products must be sold in plain packaging, without any branding and carrying prominent health warnings. Tomorrow, 20th May, marks the day it becomes illegal for retailers to sell these branded cigarette packs.

A recent study estimates that having plain, standardised packs from tomorrow could mean that by this time next year, there will be 257,000 fewer smokers in the UK.

As a former 'moment smoker' I can relate to this article, with the hope that this move will encourage more people to stop. I haven't smoked in almost two years. I've had the odd 'moment', pinched off pals or worse strangers - who I call unlucky candidates - because the price of them must have brought down the amount of cigarette pinchers. 

The sad thing is I will always enjoy the 'moment' of smoking. Even after giving up and when those VERY rare occasional moments happen, I do still really enjoy it. But the knowledge that I don't need it is far more rewarding than the moment itself (and the fact that it can kill you helps to keep the devil sticks at bay). 

I'm watching Mad Men at the moment (yes I am very behind with the times) it's incredible how much smoking went on in the 60s.. hospitals, airplanes, pregnancy.. but it makes me thankful that we have come so far in our behaviour change towards this killer addiction.

The banning of packets of 10 cigarettes is also a very smart move for the 'moment smoker'. No way am I buying a packet of 20 - that's what smokers need and after all I'm a 'moment smoker' I don't need a 20 moment fix. I just need one and I don't want to carry 19 sticks of potential moments that I shouldn't be thinking about. 

As a former 'moment smoker' I would be inclined to light up more when those solo moments occurred. Waiting for friends to arrive in bars or coffee shops... but the mobile phone has most definitely taken the place of that silent companion. I watch so many people eat their lunch with the aid of a mobile phone. I say sit by a window and watch the world for half an hour. 

I do believe my 'moments' will be fewer now seduction is removed. I'm also quite looking forward to seeing the sea of white shelves. 

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