About me


Over the past few years my creativity has taken on a totally new convention and my role and responsibility within the industry is changing. Labelling myself a 'Graphic designer' has always felt like a straight jacket, like a box I don't want to be in. This year I have taken time to question what creativity means to me and as my journey unfolds I know I am as curious as ever to explore the breaking down of creative convention and where it can lead me. What I know for sure is that I am boundless in my creative activity, I have no restraints and I truly believe in limitless expression.

Featured in Fifteen
The FF concept was born around a table (late May 2017). Myself and Maya Weier sat and thrashed out ideas around 'What would be our perfect night out?' the answer was - an evening of interesting talks from various local curators, a drink with friends and somewhere we didn't have to travel the earth for. We both have a genuine respect for TED talks and so the idea of providing an audience with more than one speaker (with a drink in hand) in a considered time frame (15 minutes) felt like an interesting challenge for us...so that's when Featured in Fifteen came to life..

A story, a drive, a shared interest. All captured in one evening. Almost a year on we have created six events, met over 50 amazing creative people and have influenced peoples perception of what listening can actually achieve.

Bangkok February 2017
Never has a trip ever really made me open my eyes as much as my trip to Bangkok. I spent a week exploring how this incredible city is shaking up it's taste buds and embarking on a new adventure with it's food scene. Leading the way for creativity in experiential food, it's environment, the story it tells us and the impression it leaves us with, you can read about my trip in my blog section of my website.  


Required always: Work beyond
We can't just sit and do. We have to 'Make stuff happen'. I've never been one to do what is asked - I love the challenge of going beyond. Which is why work beyond was created. It's an opportunity to work with individuals on a one to one basis to help them realise what they need to do to work beyond and to make aspirations possible. We are living in a time where we see so many people in a 'work, work' scenario - doing the day job to support their passions. A brand has to contribute to it's sector in so many ways - how it thinks, feels, looks and behaves. Work beyond helps to explore the potential in new small start ups and energises the mind to achieve work beyond.